Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Russia wants to join "international" anti-pirate fight

Russia's Navy, awakening after a lengthy slumber ( the increase in the price oil might be behind that), wants to go international pirate fighting, as set out here:
The Russian Navy has called on international navies to launch joint operations against pirates that have recently stepped up attacks on ships off Africa's coasts.

Pirate attacks have risen across the world, with most attacks occurring along the Somali coast, where more than 25 ships were seized last year.

"Coordinating operations by naval forces in the zones of pirate attacks could help partly resolve the problem," Captain 1st Rank Igor Dygalo said.
The Russian Navy spokesman said Russia has actively participated in international exercises during which officers are trained how to cope with "maritime pirates."

The spokesman said that last year the Russian Navy boosted its permanent presence in international waters, adding that the increased naval patrols could protect shipping and cut the number of attacks on civilian vessels.
This may not be a good time to be going into the pirate business.

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