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Wednesday, March 02, 2016

It's Almost Like They Have a Plan: "Indiscriminate Russian Bombing in Syria Worsening European Immigration Crisis"

Map source UNHCR

U.S.General in charge of European Command says "Indiscriminate Russian Bombing in Syria Worsening European Immigration Crisis" reports USNI News:
The U.S. senior commander in Europe warned the Senate Armed Services Committee that the Syrian regime’s continued use of barrel bombs and Russia’s use of indiscriminate strikes in backing President Bashar al Assad is exacerbating the European immigration crisis.

Even after an agreement to a cessation of fighting between the Syrian regime and moderate opposition groups “we have not really seen a change in the type of sorties being flown” by the Russians, U.S. European Command commander Air Force Gen. Philip Breedlove said.

“We need to see how [the ceasefire] works [because] actions speak louder than words,” he said.

But, “What we have seen is an intense flow [of refugees] into the neighboring countries” such as Jordan and Turkey, as well as Europe, that is continuing even after the ceasefire, Breedlove said later in the hearing.

Breedlove said, “What we have seen growing” in the flow of refugees fleeing Syria and migrants leaving depressed countries in the Middle East and North Africa” are “criminals, terrorists and [returning] foreign fighters” coming into Europe.
Why, it's like Russian might want to destabilize the West or something.

General Breedlove knows this:
Regarding a resurgent Russia, he told the committee Moscow “had chosen to be an adversary,” in part “to re-establish a leading role” for itself on the world stage.


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  1. It's not like the Russians created the refugee problem in Yurp all by themselves. They had a lot of help from soft-headed politicians like Angela Merkel.