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Monday, January 10, 2005

BBC slants the News? Doh!

Powerline points out a small problem with the BBC coverage of the U. S. Navy's role in tsunami relief here - namely that there hasn't been any (well, hardly any).

Couple that with the attitude of some "Euros" as described by Varifrank in this quote:
Today, during an afternoon conference that wrapped up my project of the last 18 months, one of my Euro colleagues tossed this little turd out to no one in particular:

" See, this is why George Bush is so dumb, there's a disaster in the world and he sends an Aircraft Carrier..."

After which he and many of my Euro colleagues laughed out loud.

Varifrank gives them a little instant feedback and points out the Europeans' total impotence in dealing with such matters, culminating in this truth:
The day an American has to move a European out of the way to help in some part of the world it will be a great day in the world...

(hat tip:Instapundit)

What's the pattern? The Europeans have grown so used to the American "can do, will do" attitude that they take us for granted. Abuse us, mock us, ridicule our president, ignore our good deeds and we still pop up when help is needed. Heck, we will even let them run the operation, using assets they don't have, to get the mission done. This approach seems to make the Euros believe us "unsophisticated." What they don't understand is that part of our national character - that part captured by President Reagan, "You can accomplish much if you don't care who gets the credit."

Sometimes the U.S. is like the offensive guard in football who keeps rushers off the "star" quarterback. Toiling in anonymity - except to those who really know how the game is played. Quarterbacks often reward their blockers with dinners, vacations and other recognitions of their importance. It's not that the linemen seek glory, but they do enjoy the occasional recognition of the role they play...but if a running back or quarterback ever criticizes his line - does he expect it will improve the blocking for him?

UN want the credit? To play "star quarterback" so to speak? Fine, we don't care all that much. But, by gum, you'd better not tell us we aren't doing enough or we just may let a blitz right on through next time and show exactly how weak the your system is without the U.S.

Update: I see Glenn Reynolds ("The Master") made the same connection with Powerline and Varifrank at Glenn that I did above. Judging by the times of the postings (mine at 6:41am and Professor Reynolds at 10:56am), I got there first(Whoopee!). However, since the I got the link to Varifrank from Instpundit, I guess I can do much more than say that it's a darn good connection.

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