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Tuesday, January 04, 2005

The Diplomad: Just TOO Good for a Mere Update!

This is ...simply ...beyond...belief.

(Pretend you are an experienced Navy Chief Petty Officer and fill in the gaps with expressions that might cause the blossom on a rose bush to turn black and fall off)

Coordinating assessment teams? Set up a CMOC? The military lack experience in...disaster...relief.

Golly, gee, Ms. UN Expert will you show us how it's done?
Somewhere the roses are mysteriously dying...

Update: Of course, part of the problem is how our own media covers the UN, uh, "action" and these moronic comments- Alec Rawl over at Error Theory is just a tad riled:
...the mainstream media are a bunch of sick, rotten, left-wing liars. It does not matter that their hatred of America is only instrumental--that their malicious lying is driven at bottom (or closer to bottom) by hatred of Bush and Christianity and conservatism. America is now led by the Republicans so to most effectively slander Bush, the moral-trash eagerly slander America. They view everything in terms of their hatred. The nation picked Bush so they hate the nation.

Honest disagreement is the stuff of a great republic. The constant malicious disinformation of the mainstream media is a rot and a poison. Because they think in terms of lies, nothing that they presume to be right ever IS right. They have absolutely nothing to contribute. They are a pure negative force, completely unrestrained by the requirements of honest reason.
. Read the whole thing.

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