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Sunday, January 16, 2005

DPRK calls U.S. a 'nuclear criminal'

Chicago Sun-Times headline tells the story North Korea back to usual line, calls U.S. a 'nuclear criminal' :
A day after indicating a willingness to rejoin nuclear disarmament talks, North Korea returned to its usual anti-American rhetoric Saturday, accusing the United States of being a ''nuclear criminal'' with double standards.

North Korea's state-run newspaper Rodong Sinmun accused Washington of ''conniving at, patronizing and cooperating with the pro-American forces'' in Israel, Japan and South Korea to develop nuclear arms while pressuring North Korea to abandon its program.

''The U.S. policy of double standards assumes extremely partial and aggressive nature,'' the newspaper said.

Criminal? Let's talk criminal - remember that despite finding the U.S. at fault for most of the world's ills, Human Rights Watch also says that the North Korean government is the most repressive in the world:
A human rights watchdog said Thursday that North Korea is "egregiously violating nearly all international human rights standards."

In its "World Report 2005," a survey of human rights conditions in 60 nations last year, Human Rights Watch said the North Korean regime was the world's most repressive, controlling all aspects of its residents' political, economic and social lives.

The report said that since no human rights group are allowed access to North Korea, it learned of the inhuman conditions in the country's concentration camps through former inmates who managed to flee the country.

Human Rights Watch also estimates that some 2 million people starved to death during the famine of the 1990s, with hundred of thousands fleeing to China. Defectors in China must dodge both North Korean agents and the Chinese authorities, who would arrest and take them back to the North.

Human trafficking is worsening, with female defectors being kidnapped or tricked into forced marriage or prostitution, the report says. Recaptured defectors are subjected to torture under police interrogation.

There's a lot the HRW left out, but what is there is enough to point out what's "criminal" - the regime of Kim Jon-il.

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