Monday, January 24, 2005

UN FACTSHEET: How does tsunami relief fit together?

Reuters helps the friendly UN man answer all your questions about how the UN makes things happen when bad events happen here.

Bet you didn't know the UN subcontracts a lot of the work, did you? Hey, read it all.

My favorite part:
(Reuters) It seems logical for OCHA to coordinate everything, but I understand that’s not something that can be taken for granted.

(UN guy) Sometimes the U.N. coordination system comes under pressure from donors, like the U.S. or the European Union, who try to take control. In this case, the United States initially set up a rival coordination group with Australia, India and Japan, but it soon dropped this idea and acknowledged it was a job for the United Nations.
(emphasis added)

Nasty U.S. power grabbers.

Update: The Diplomad reveals that the UN takes the credit for life saving "quick response" in wake of tsunami. Given their actual logistical track record as documented here, in earlier posts and on other sites, one would think they might be a little more humble.

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