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Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Senator Barbara Boxer Wins a Rare Double Dodo

It takes a rare combination of stupidity and, well, stupidity to earn an EagleSpeak Double Dodo Award. In fact, in the short history of the award, this is the very first such award.

But Senator Barabara Boxer has rare combination of smugness coupled with ignorance and a remarkable ability to avoid recognizing the truth when it smacks her in the face (which it should do more often). Now, as evidence of her stature I simply point to the fine work done by Captain Ed at Captain's Quarters:
Sometimes I wonder if Barbara Boxer ever listens to herself and cringes. If so, yesterday certainly provided opportunities for winces galore as the senator from California kept providing evidence of her status as one of the least intelligent members of the upper chamber. In just her opening statement for her portion of Condoleezza Rice's confirmation hearing, she managed to embarrass herself and her constituents multiple times:
Dr. Rice, before I get to my formal remarks, you no doubt will be confirmed -- that's at least what we think.

We think there's no doubt? And her favorite color is plaid, too.
(Boxer) I am -- Dr. Rice, I was glad you mentioned Martin Luther King -- it was very appropriate, given everything.

There's nothing like a rich white woman giving her approval of a black woman's reference to Dr. King to define the term "limousine liberal."
Hey, I could continue to quote, but Captain Ed needs the hits. Go visit his site.

While that may be enough for one Dodo, Senator Boxer goes beyond that with her inability to tell the truth, as evidenced by James Taranto at Opinion Journal's Best of the Web Today:
In an unpleasant exchange yesterday, Boxer confronted Rice with the usual Angry Left line, that BUSH LIED!!!! about Iraq. But it turns out Boxer is the one taking liberties with the truth:
Rice: It wasn't just weapons of mass destruction. He was also a place--- his territory was a place where terrorists were welcomed, where he paid suicide bombers to bomb Israel, where he had used Scuds against Israel in the past.
And so we knew what his intentions were in the region; where he had attacked his neighbors before and, in fact, tried to annex Kuwait; where we had gone to war against him twice in the past. It was the total picture, Senator, not just weapons of mass destruction, that caused us to decide that, post-September 11th, it was finally time to deal with Saddam Hussein.

Boxer: Well, you should read what we voted on when we voted to support the war, which I did not, but most of my colleagues did. It was WMD, period. That was the reason and the causation for that, you know, particular vote.

Presumably when Boxer says "I did not," she means that she didn't vote to liberate Iraq, not that she didn't read the resolution. But the resolution itself makes clear that Rice was right...
...And here's another apparent Boxer falsehood:
You never even mention indirectly the 1,366 American troops that have died. . . . And 25 percent of those dead are from my home state.

According to, the number of California servicemen who've died is 157, which is about 11.5% of the total, less than half the proportion Boxer claimed.

Truth? Truth? We don't need no stinkin' truth...We're Democrats!


Update: This short piece from The American Thinker site lays out what we wish Ms. Rice had said to the grandstanding Dems on the Foreign Relations Committee instead of politely letting them preen for the cameras.

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