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Thursday, January 27, 2005

Senator Edward Kennedy Wins an EagleSpeak Dodo Award

Senator Edward Kennedy (D. Mass), based on his remarks reported here, deserves special recognition.
He has called the war a "fraud made up in Texas," and said the administration misled the people about the threats leading up to the war.

Now, Kennedy said, the United States and the insurgents are both battling for the hearts and minds of the Iraqi people and the U.S. is losing.

"There may well be violence as we disengage militarily from Iraq and Iraq disengages politically from us, but there will be much more violence if we continue our present dangerous and destabilizing course," said Kennedy...

...Kennedy, who has called Iraq "George Bush's Vietnam," drew parallels between that failed conflict and the current deadly battle against guerrilla insurgents. He said the United States must learn from the mistakes of Vietnam - which he termed a misguided war that carried on too long and was not honestly portrayed by officials to the American people.
Kennedy is so wrong on so many levels it is hard to decide where to start. His perpetual confusion of the situation in Iraq with the war in Vietnam demonstrates a complete inability to understand that the forces of the "insurgents" do not represent a popular uprising, but rather the remnants of a thuggest regime who are striving to win back their life and death power over their fellow Iraqis. The battle is not for "hearts and minds" as he persists but rather for power and domination. The "insurgents" offer no valid poltical view - just a return to the old Baathist ways. That Kennedy fails to grasp this is almost beyond undertanding. That he has chosen to make these remarks on the eve of free election is Iraq is incredible both in lack of sense and in the harm it may bring to our troops by encouraging the enemy forces.

This is not new ground for the Senator. We well remember his on stage sulk when Jimmy Carter won his party's nomination for the presidency, his well-known accident and the various other scandals of his life (thrown out of Harvard for cheating, etc). This is not a man of good judgment nor great wisdom, but rather a man whose own last grasp at power and relevance is tied up to being the "permanent oppositon" to anything offered by the current administration. That he bears the Kennedy name gives him more importance than he deserves or has earned on his own merit.

He fully deserves the EagleSpeak Dodo Award which is presented here:


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