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Thursday, January 27, 2005

N.Korea Has Bought Complete Nuclear Bomb?

Reuters reports (via Yahoo News)
N.Korea Has Bought Complete Nuclear Bomb
North Korea appears to have bought a complete nuclear weapon from either Pakistan or a former Soviet Union state, a South Korean newspaper said on Thursday quoting a source in Washington.

Seoul Shinmun quoted the source as saying the United States was checking the intelligence.

The purchase was apparently intended to avoid nuclear weapons testing that could be detected from the outside, the source was quoted as saying.

North Korea is believed to have one or two nuclear weapons and possibly more than eight.

U.S. Congressman Curt Weldon said after a visit to the North this month that its second-ranked leader had told his delegation that it possessed nuclear weapons.
If true, and it only adds to the total that North Korea may already have, it's not a big deal, EXCEPT it is of major concern that a weapon like this may be available on the world market and that some entity would actually sell it to the nut case governement of North Korea.

Keeping an eye on where this on goes...

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