Eyes of the Fleet

Eyes of the Fleet

Monday, January 17, 2005

Conspiracy? Shhhh!

If "loose lips sink ships," what will happen to the U.S. military base in Diego Garcia now that the Diplomads have revealed all?

Not content with its run of the mill anti U.S. bias, the BBC has given voice to wacko tsunami theories here. The good news is that most of the comments published on the page are rational. Aside from the kook jobs, my winner for giving the secret away is this:
Actually, since this island is British owned and merely "leased" to the United States Navy, Commander James Bond disclosed the evil plot to the American commander, who then promptly raised the "Anti-Tsunami" barrier which encircles the island...
Eddie, New York

On the other hand the BBC does pose the interesting question of who to blame, "God or science?" Well, not really science- more like vacation:
And how could God allow any of this to happen - and for that matter how could science? Susan Watts reports on the sophisticated monitors that operate in the Comprehensive Nuclear Test-Ban Treaty Organization in Vienna which could have given advanced warning of the tsunami, had its staff not been on holiday and had governments agreed to share the information.

DG before tsunami: DG after:
Or is the other way round? Photos from Global Security website.

More info on Diego Garcia here. Imagery (before and after) here.

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