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Monday, January 17, 2005

Chicago vs. Iraq Murder Rates: Fun with numbers

Machias Privateer has some fun with numbers and points out that the murder rates (per capita) in Chicago and Iraq are not dissimilar - in fact the trend line seems to favor Iraq!
Here is some unrefuted reporting from the New York Times which shows that Iraq had 202 murders in 14 days or 14.4 per day! Iraqi population estimates vary, but for comparison purposes Chicago (at 450 confirmed murders in 366 days with a population of 2.8 million) had .439 murders per million per day. The two would be equal if Iraq's population was 32,858,867 people! Population estimates vary but about 25 million people live in Iraq. Therefore, the streets of Iraq are about as safe as the streets of Chicago though in both places there are some tough neighborhoods and you might not wish to be a member of particular organizations! The Iraqi trend is going down faster than Chicago's.

As Bruce Thompson, proprietor of the blog indicates, it's not exactly the way the MSM reports it.

(Hat tip: American Thinker)

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