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Monday, January 23, 2006

The Officers' Club reminds us of a bad Navy day

Reminded here of the seizure of USS Pueblo by the DPRK.

Little do these younsters know of how much controversy was raised among Naval officers of the time about CDR Bucher and what he should have done at the time...

There was a lot of heroism by CDR Bucher and his crew and not much glory in the response of the 7th Fleet at the time.

The ship remains a "tourist" attraction and centerpeice of the fictional glorious history of the DPRK and a lesson for the "It's all Bush's fault" class (as in Nicholas D. Kristof, whose column is linked at the designated site: "It's time for us to learn from the Pueblo again. The Bush administration's dismissal of serious, direct diplomacy has made Korea more dangerous. Engagement may be arduous, frustrating and often unsatisfying, but it's the only option we have left.")

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