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Thursday, January 26, 2006

Somali Pirate Leader Makes Threats

Possibly signing his own death warrant, a Somali pirate leader threatens an escalation of violence here:
Somalia waters have been known as the most dangers of all seas for sometime now and American apprehension of ten pirates over the weekend might have made the situation more dangerous. In a rare interview with Mogadishu radio station Shabelle, the commander of a central Somalia’s pirate group threatened to kill anyone onboard ships they capture in the future unless the US releases their comrades unconditionally. He said America has no business in Somalia and Indian Ocean.

“No one has been killed in these hijackings so far but we are now starting to kill anyone we catch in Somalia waters unless our men are freed”. He said.

US Navy hunting Al-Qaida members in the Indian Ocean seized a hijacked ship and detained ten men this past weekend.

Mr. Garaad Mohamed who claimed to be the commander of a volunteer national coast guard group said they are doing national duty by dealing with foreign ships that took advantage of Somalia’s inability to guard its waters. He said the money they receive from these ships is not ransom but penalty for entering Somalia waters illegally.
Escalation works both ways, Matey!

UPDATE: (1/27/06) Mr. Mohamed seems to be a little behind on Somali Government policy:
Two Somali ministers dismissed Mohamed's threat saying the latest arrests were part of a government plan to fight piracy along Somalia's long coastline.
"We don't recognise him. He cannot do anything," Information Minister Hayr told Reuters in Nairobi.
"The government is aware of the arrests and is coordinating with the Americans on this matter."
I would suggest he take a chill pill. Or, he can select Option B: .

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