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Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Public transport conference in Japan

Japan is hosting a international conference on public transportation security as noted here:
Fourteen countries and four international organizations will hold a conference in Tokyo for three days from Jan. 11 to discuss ways to prevent terrorism involving public transportation systems, Japanese government officials said Wednesday.
Minister-level officials in charge of transportation affairs for the United States, European countries and East Asian countries including Japan will participate in the meeting along with the four international organs among which is the European Commission, the executive branch of the European Union, the officials said.

Japanese Land, Infrastructure and Transport Minister Kazuo Kitagawa will chair the meeting, which is being launched at the initiative of Japan.

The conference will issue a joint declaration on the last day on ways to increase global cooperation in preventing terrorism involving airplanes, ships, subways and other public transportation systems.

Participants are expected to discuss ways to provide assistance to developing countries in the antiterrorism field and jointly develop technologies to prevent terrorist attacks such as the Sept. 11, 2001 airplane attacks in the United States and bombings at London subway systems on July 7, 2005, the officials said.
Sounds like a good idea.

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