Eyes of the Fleet

Eyes of the Fleet

Friday, November 14, 2008

Friday Reading

CDR Salamander: Fullbore Friday with a look at a WWI naval action from when ships and their crews sailed in harm's way on purpose.

Fred Fry's Maritime Monday 135, which has enough maritime related links to keep you busy until this coming Monday, when you can start all over again...among the good stuff, Fred looks at BW Group tankers...

CGBlog looks at what the Coast Guard has to say about its acquisition program here: "The Coast Guard isn't there yet, but it's certainly making progress. Checks and balances. Transparency. Learning. Who can argue with that?"

Consul-at-Arms quotes and briefly discusses some comments on the potential release of Gitmo prisoners here. Taking no live prisoners is mentioned for future operations. I, personally, am holding out for the all-volunteer "Airborne ACLU Corps," who will jump into combat zones and offer legal advice to people who are shooting at our troops in order to protect their clients rights. . . this country has a surplus of liberal lawyers anyway, and way too many law schools. . . this program might help solve one part of the problem. . .and allow lawyers to get credit for community service under the new administration. I have a few "constitutional law" profs in mind who would make a good starting team for the AACLUC, especially those who don't seem to have read the Constitution.

The Skeptical Bureaucrat found a bumper sticker he liked on Veterans' Day. Me, too.

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