Monday, November 17, 2008

Monday Reading

Fred Fry's Maritime Monday 136 @gCaptain.com. Fred reviews the past week and gets you ready for new events. He also a a Belgian bunkering business.

CDR Salamander goes "open letter" to CNO on the new Navy Working Uniform here. It is not the worst uniform the Navy has looked at in the past 40 years (I reserve that for the ill-fated, unlamented double knits) but it comes very close. Very Third World, if you know what I mean. Personal for CNO: "It's okay to borrow from the Army."

I like the Coast Guard, and CGblog is attempting to get the Life-Savers to donate to Project Valour-IT, which is a great thing, no matter which service you support. If you like orange stripes on your ships, go and give. Thanks.(of course, if you like haze gray ships, you can donate to the Navy through the link here. And thanks for that, too.

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