Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Mistake at Sea? Somali Pirates, a Thai Trawler and the Indian Navy

According to this CNN report, the Indian Navy ship that took a pirate "mother ship" under fire actually stumbled across a situation in which pirates were capturing the Thai trawler involved and, thus, may have been a bit hasty in firing at the trawler (even if the pirates on the trawler fired first)as its action may have put hostages at risk:
Wicharn told reporters that the Ekawat Nava 5 was headed from Oman to Yemen to deliver fishing equipment when it was set upon by pirates off the Horn of Africa. The pirates were seizing control of the ship when the Tabar moved in, he said.

Wicharn said he learned the fate of his vessel from a Cambodian crew member who survived the gunfire and drifted in the ocean for six days before he was plucked to safety by a passing ship. The sailor was recovering in a hospital in Yemen, he said.

As if things weren't murky enough out there...

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