Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Somali Piracy Roundup

1. French fishing boat attacked, suspected pirates captured

2. Japan may sending refueling force to assist anti-piracy efforts off Somalia.

3. Economic effects of Somali piracy. Insurance, protection and contraction of trade - adds up to more than you think.

4. Impossible task of defending the seas from pirates. It's all about the failed state of Somalia. See also here.

5. Report of hijacked British yacht being spotted by EU force helicopter. UPDATE: Pirates threaten Great Britain. That used to cause the lion to roar.

6. China battles Somali pirates? Article sounds very familiar to me. And here.

7. U.S. to send drones to fight pirates. But you already knew that.


India to send ships to fight Somali pirates:
The INS Tabar, a warship sent last year to counter the pirates of Somalia, will be deployed. Joining the Tabar will be the INS Shardul, a fully armed amphibious ship which can carry more than 500 troops, and the ICGS Varuna, an offshore patrol vessel armed to the teeth. The Varuna can travel 4000 nautical miles at a stretch, enough to go around the world.
Order of photos Shardul, Varuna, Tabar.

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