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Friday, January 01, 2010

New Year's Log Entry

Navy tradition is that the mid-watch (that's the midnight shift for you lubberly types) log entry on New Year's Day be written in verse, usually by the quartermaster.

Not having a quartermaster handy, it's time for the old navigator to take up the challenge:
This old place is moored as before,
Christmas wreaths still on the door.
Were we to get underway it would be a story
Since we are a house and not a dory.

SOPA* now gets retirement pay,
His hair and ID card both gone gray.
Though no longer the seas he plies,
One son's a ROTC middie, the other a Navy helo flies.

Both daughters in California abide,
Clear across the country wide.
Commander of Home Forces is nested near,
Memories of all 4 kids quite clear.

The dogs are snuggled in as the frost cuts fine
We say goodbye to 2009.
As years go I'm glad it went
And pray for 2010 to be of better bent.

Our course and speed we may alter,
But time and tide never falter,
Here's to all that we hold dear
and to a very Happy New Year!

*Senior Officer Present Ashore

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