Eyes of the Fleet

Eyes of the Fleet

Friday, September 24, 2010

Somali Pirates: EU Spanish LPD Takes Out Some Pirate Boats

EU MSC (HOA) reports The spanish warship “GALICIA” disrupts a pirate action group off the Somali coasts:
September 22, EU NAVFOR Spanish ship GALICIA disrupted a pirate action group, comprised of one whaler and two skiffs.

Galicia was patrolling off the east coast of Somalia and thanks to detailed information gathering, the Spanish ship was able to intercept two skiffs and the whaler.
The group was located at night only 500 meters from the Somali coast by one of Galicia’s helicopters, which started the preparation for the interception.

This one was completed without any opposition from the 11 suspected pirates. The whaler and skiffs carried all pirate paraphernalia indicating they were preparing to conduct acts of piracy off the coasts (fuel drums, ladders, weapons and ammunition.

As none of the pirates were caught in an act of piracy, although conspiracy was clearly stated, it was not possible to proceed with a prosecution. However, everything that could be used to conduct piracy was seized and the whaler and one skiff were destroyed.
Keeping the bad guys from getting to sea . . . blockade those pirates!


  1. D. E. Reddick4:33 PM

    SPS Galicia has been busy! Her crew just freed the Kenyan dhow Sherry and its crew from Somali pirates.

    EU NAVFOR SPS GALICIA released a pirated Kenyan dhow


  2. Anonymous2:44 AM

    last week, the Indian navy ship INS Delhi intercepted the pirates on 2 occasions, and funnily they dumped fuel from the pirate boats leaving jus enough to reach the shore and freed the pirates. on both occasions the pirates were caught while attempting to attacks merchant convoys. Looks like each navy is having different methods of dealing with the pirates...