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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Crazy Stealth Guided Anti-Ship Ballistic Missiles Fresh From Iran

Steeljaw has been having a little fun with the wild and crazy Iran Not-So-Republican Guards and their recent announcement, here, of a new wonder weapon - "IRGC Mass-Producing Anti-Ship Ballistic Missiles":
"The IRGC's smart ballistic missiles are now in mass-production and this type of missiles can hit and destroy targets with high-precision," Jafari told reporters in a news conference here in Tehran on Monday.

"These new missiles enjoys supersonic speed and cannot be tracked or intercepted by enemy," the commander said, adding that missiles can hit targets 300km away with high-precision.
Elsewhere, Jafari also announced that the IRGC has just finished designing and developing long-range passive radars and will soon start production, adding that this new radar system covers within a 1,100km-radius.

Galen Wright of the blog Arkenstone has a post up analyzing the possible use of tactical ballistic missiles as anti-ship missiles. Might be worth a look.

As for the claims of stealth, accuracy and all that . . .

The point? I dunno, why would the IRGC be interested in threatening ships in the Arabian Gulf?


  1. Long range passive radar? With an 1100km range?

    Last I checked, the sensor height required for 1100km radar range was somewhere in the neighborhood of 233k feet.

    That means they must be developing an over-the-horizon system, and 1100 km means they have to be doing skywave. These OTHR systems are decidedly not passive, and also have minimum ranges in the hundreds of kilometers. Someone like Sean O'Connor at IMINT & Analysis could probably pinpoint the structures required for one with just a cursory scan of Google Earth.