Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Somali Pirates: Capture Ship in the North Arabian Sea

EU MSC(HOA) report: MV IRENE SL pirated in the North Arabian Sea:
At approximately 1000Z on 9 February, the Very Large Crude Carrier MV IRENE SL was pirated approximately 350 nautical miles South East of Muscat in the North Arabian Sea.

The MV IRENE SL has a dead weight of 319,247 tonnes and is Greek flagged and owned. The vessel was on its way to Suez from Fujairah when it was attacked. At present there is no further information on the attack. She has a crew of 25 (7 Greek, 1 Georgian and 17 Filipinos). There is presently no communication with the vessel and no information regarding the condition of the crew.
Hijack area in red (click to enlarge)
NATO report:
February 9 2011
Latitude: 21°27N Longitude: 063°18E
Alert number 086 / 2011
Reference Previous Alert 085 / 2011
At 0926 UTC / 08 FEB 11 / a merchant vessel was reported under attack by pirates.
***This vessel has been hijacked***


  1. Pity she sailed directly into the warning area. See number 83 (IRENE hijack) at

  2. Yes, there is a reason those warnings are issued.

  3. Anonymous9:30 PM

    The more we dither, the bigger the problem becomes.
    Appeasement and soft treatment does not work, not even in the 21st century.