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Friday, February 04, 2011

Somali Pirates: U.S. Navy Ships Momsen and Bunker Hill Disrupt Pirate Attack

Reported as Momsen and Bunker Hill Disrupt Pirate Attack:
USS Momsen (DDG 92) and USS Bunker Hill (CG 52) disrupted a pirate attack on Panamanian flagged merchant vessel Duqm, Feb. 2 in the Gulf of Oman.

USS Momsen
While transiting in international waters, the merchant vessel reported that pirates were attempting to board the vessel. Momsen and Bunker Hill, which were in the vicinity, immediately responded to the Duqm's distress signal and caused two pirates skiffs alongside the vessel with ladders against its hull to flee the area.

USS Bunker Hill
Momsen and Bunker Hill tracked the skiffs movement and located the mothership that facilitated the attempted boarding of Duqm, towing the two empty skiffs. Consistent with the U.N. Security Council Resolutions on piracy and U.S. rules of engagement, Momsen destroyed the two skiffs to prevent their use for future attacks.
Photo of shot on towed skiff by Chief Hull Maintenance Technician John Parkin.
UPDATE2: Another photo added above -thanks Bryan! 
UPDATE3: All photos of incident by Chief Hull Maintenance Technician John Parkin. Here's a third:

UPDATE: More on owner of VLCC Duqm here.


  1. Anonymous8:59 PM

    Fighting Pirates in the Littorals ? The Navy often recites LCS propaganda about how their shallow draft will enable them to take care of the Littorals.

    In the post above along with countless others these past few years, you will notice that regular old destroyer/frigate sized warships are doing esentially all of the world's interdictions of Pirates, who are becoming more and more bold as they operate farther and farther out into deep waters.

    So much for the propaganda that LCS's are needed to fight in the shallow Littorals. Besides it makes little difference if LCS-1 has a draft of 14 feet while a DD/FF might have a draft of double that.

    Navsea and Lockheed Martin need to drop that "shallow water" emphasis from their Littoral Combat Ship marketing sales pitch.

  2. Good to see the destruction of skiffs either deck parked or in tow is becoming SOP with naval forces. Skiffs, outboards and gasoline (not diesel) are critical paths to a successful pirate attack. Western ROE won't permit armed boadings in such circumstances so neutering their capability goes some way to reducing the threat.

  3. Anonymous10:46 AM

    The mother ship was lucky. It is about time that the US Security counsel looks at this matter and changes the law. This is classsified as terrorism. May I remind you,they are taking many, many hostages, and lives. This problem with pirates is only growing into something bigger. These are terrorist! I thank our men and women out there who protect us in everyway. Keep up the good work!