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Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Somali Pirates: OIl Tanker Taken in Middle of Indian Ocean

EU MSC (HOA) reports Italian Oil Tanker Pirated in the Indian Ocean:
In the early hours of 8 February, the Oil Tanker MV SAVINA CAYLYN was pirated approximately 670 nautical miles East of Socotra Island in the Indian Ocean. The vessel was boarded after a sustained attack by one skiff with 5 suspected pirates firing small arms and 4 rocket propelled grenades.

The MV SAVINA CAYLYN has a deadweight of 104,255 tonnes and is Italian flagged and owned. The vessel was on passage to Pasir Gudang (Malaysia) from Bashayer (Sudan) when it was attacked. There is presently no communication with the vessel and no information regarding the condition of the crew of 22 (5 Italian and 17 Indian). The MV SAVINA CAYLYN had registered with MSC(HOA) and was reporting to the UKMTO. EUNAVFOR are monitoring the situation.
NATO report:
February 8, 2011
Latitude: 12°10N Longitude: 066°00E
Alert number 083 / 2011.
At 0427 UTC /08 FEB 11 / a merchant vessel was reported under attack by pirates from 1 x skiff in position 12°10 N 066°00 E.
1 Skiff, 5 POB, was fired upon with small arms and RPG. A mothership was sighted. The vessel was pirated.
The Pirate action group is still in the area.

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