Small Boy Put to Good Use

Small Boy Put to Good Use

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Latest Piracy Report from ICC Commercial Crime Services (to 21 June 05)

Latest ICC Commercial Crime Services piracy report here. Highlights: (among lots of robbers boarding at anchorages and thwarted boardings by alert crews)
14.6.2005 at 0400 LT off Langkawi Island, Malacca straits.
Ten pirates armed with weapons in a speedboat hijacked a tanker underway. One crew managed to escape in the boat used by pirates. He landed ashore and contacted marine police at Langkawi Island. Police despatched a patrol boat and located the hijacked tanker off Pulau Lebar. Subsequently, pirates surrendered and they were taken to Langkawi for investigations. (see post on this being a potential "inside job" here and links therein)

12.06.2005 at 1100 LT at Warri region, Nigeria.
A group of armed persons boarded an offshore processing tanker. They took hostage all 45 crewmembers. After negotiations boarders departed on 15.06.2005 at 0945 LT. No injuries to crew. (update: Tanker apparently the Jamestown. Tale of a released hostage here)
Update2: Info on Jamestown here.
The Jamestown is a Steel Tanker Floating Production System built in 1957 at Newport News, Va. The Jamestown was converted to an FPSO [Floating Production, Storage and Offloading] in 1995 at J. Ray McDermott's Fabrication Facility at Harbor Island, Port Aransas, Tx.

Update3: Nigeria - red arrow points to general area of seizure

Update4: Nigeria and its oil here.

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