Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Cricket Speak

From Maritime Advocate Online - apparently coded messages - what can it mean?
Ashes to ashes

IT is early days, but this could be a summer to remember. It may only be the pyjama game at this stage, but the England cricket team has beaten the Australians twice in a week. Your editor is hoping for great things in the forthcoming Ashes series, and makes no apology to those who have no idea what he is talking about.

Caught out

STILL on the subject of cricket, your editor was dismayed last summer (July 27 and 28) to see one of his trickiest off-breaks dispatched contemptuously by his grandson, into the arms of a tall tree which stands outside the small bedroom at the back of your editor's house. We haven't spoken since.

A new development, however, may see justice prevail. Your editor's trees have recently been pollarded, and, lo and behold, the ball is now clearly visible in a crook near the top of the tree. All that remains is for your editor to borrow an aluminium extendable ladder to retrieve the ball one-handed from the tree while his feet are off the ground, and the catch remains valid, while the six which went against your editor's bowling analysis is expunged from the record.

Hmmm? Is this a threat of some sort we should be worried about?

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