Thursday, June 23, 2005

The "Demoralizing" Nancy Pelosi

As reported here,
Seven Republican members of Congress said yesterday House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi was "demoralizing" U.S. troops by saying twice Tuesday that the war in Afghanistan is over during a press conference she held to call for an investigation of detainee abuses.
"Would you prefer that they gave up the fight, stopped hunting for Osama bin Laden and allowed the terrorists to run free?" the Republicans, all members of the House Armed Services Committee, wrote in a letter to the California Democrat...
... The Republicans who signed yesterday's letter said Mrs. Pelosi is wrong about the war being over. They pointed to a battle that left 40 insurgents and a police officer dead in southern Afghanistan this week, as well as eight U.S. troops wounded in Afghanistan last week.
The letter was signed by Reps. John Kline of Minnesota, Joe Wilson of South Carolina, Kay Granger of Texas, Geoff Davis of Kentucky, Candice S. Miller of Michigan, H. James Saxton of New Jersey and Bill Shuster of Pennsylvania.
Ms. Pelosi apparently has decided her concerns over the treatment of some detainees and whatever political hay she can make out of it far outweighs any responsibility she might have to our soldiers, sailors, airmen and Marines serving in the field. Of course, all attacks on US service personnel are the President's fault:
She said President Bush's failure to prosecute the war there, and his effort to go to war in Iraq, have complicated the conflict in Afghanistan.
"One of the main reasons that our troops continue to be attacked by al Qaeda and Taliban fighters today is because President Bush decided to invade Iraq, diverting critical resources needed to secure Afghanistan. Unfortunately, the demands of the war in Iraq have made the job of our brave troops in Afghanistan much more difficult," the spokeswoman said.
Somehow the idea that her own speech will be widely reported in the Arab world and will offer aid and comfort to the enemy forces does not seem to occur to her.

One of the aspects of watching the British House of Commons on C-SPAN that I like is that the parties take the opportunity to cheer for things and thoughts they like and heartily "boo" those to which they are opposed. In that vein, I render a most hearty "Boo!" to Ms. Pelosi and her ilk who seem unable to grasp the concept that the GWOT is a long-term, difficult process. Her failure to understand what war is being fought and why makes her the perfect "useful idiot" for the "bring back the past" terrorists of whom Osama and the Taliban are but two examples. She operates in the worst traditions of the anti-American left trying so desperately to climb back into power.

Boo! I say. BOO!

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