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Monday, June 13, 2005

Surging Ships for the GWOT

Commander, Fleet Forces Command comments on the surging of 5 US ships (previously noted by me) here
The deployment is the latest implementation of the Navy’s new operational construct, the Fleet Response Plan. FRP is about new ways of operating, training, manning, and maintaining the Fleet that results in increased readiness and the ability to provide significant combat power when and where it’s needed. A simple realignment of schedules, made possible by ships maintaining their readiness under the FRP, enables the Navy to surge these ships in fighting terrorists and executing a range of other important missions, without the level of pre-deployment effort that would have previously been required. This surge will demonstrate the effectiveness of scalable, responsive, and uniquely capable naval power.
The idea of surging ships "ready to fight" sounds okay, but there are reasons for some of the "pre-deployment" effort that historically was built into the system (although, I must admit that a great deal of it was "hurry up and wait time")...

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