Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Coast Guard Ready on Security

The Coast Guard has a three-pronged strategy as reported here:
The Coast Guard's post-Sept. 11 maritime security strategy has three critical elements, Collins said: enhancing awareness of vulnerabilities and threats on the water, creating an effective security regime, and increasing the Coast Guard's presence in the nation's ports and waterways...

The Coast Guard has been adapting and will continue to adapt to meet the needs of post-Sept. 11 America, Collins said. The responsibility of protecting the nation's waters is one he does not take lightly, he said, and efforts are being made to contribute to America's security.

"We must and will not fail," Collins said. "The stakes are simply too high. The American people expect our best efforts, and they will get them."
The Coasties have always done a lot with less. Let's give 'em what they need now...

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