Tuesday, June 14, 2005

My opinion: Jackson jury did its job

Based on what I heard from the jurors, they did what they should have with they evidence they were presented that involved the case before them.

Michael Jackson may be everything everyone has claimed, but in this particular case with the facts they had to work with, they reached the conclusion "not proven."*


Good job.

*In Scotland, there is a verdict between "guilty" and "not guilty"- that of "not proven":
The verdict of not proven is essentially one of acquittal. In all respects the verdicts of not guilty and not proven have exactly the same legal effects. In practice it is thought that a verdict of not proven simply means that the judge or jury have reasonable doubt as to the accused's guilt. It is interesting to note that the not proven verdict is used in one third of acquittals by juries, and in one fifth of acquittals in non-jury trials. Because of the higher number of non-jury trials ninety per cent of all not proven verdicts are returned in such cases. It is generally thought that the verdict gives juries, and judges, an option between not guilty and guilty where they feel that the charges have not been proved but they equally cannot say the accused is "not guilty" because of its moral connotations.(source)
I think that is exactly the verdict reached in this case.

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