Sunday, June 19, 2005

12 crewmen opt out of journey They fear further pirate attacks

According to this,"12 crewmen opt out of journey They fear further pirate attacks."
Haunted by the memory of a recent pirate attack, 12 crew members have decided not to continue their journey onboard MT Nepline Delima.

Captain Sasongko Samugy is having a big ‘headache’ because only three of the crew members were willing to continue their journey to deliver the RM12mil worth of diesel to Myanmar.

“Most of them have a phobia of going into their own cabins. They are traumatised by the incident,” he said.

In the incident on Tuesday, 10 pirates stormed the tanker located 23 nautical miles to the west of Langkawi at 4am.

The pirates held the captain and crew members hostage for 12 hours before surrendering peacefully to the marine police.

Two crew members, both Indonesians, were arrested for alleged liaison with the pirates...Mohd Najib, 23, said one of the crew members who was arrested by the police deserved an 'Oscar' for his convincing act and likened him to a traitor.

“He screamed and looked very scared when the pirates stormed the bridge,” Mohd Najib said.

Mohd Najib claimed that the traitor, who is a low-ranking staff member, was close to a high ranking officer who was also detained.

Captain Sasongko said at least 12 crew members holding specific positions were needed, otherwise the tanker could not continue its journey.
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