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Tuesday, June 21, 2005

A Beef in the Ocean: this time Taiwan v. Japan

In the "Why can't everyone just get along?" category: Taiwan ship joins island dispute. It all involves the Senkaku Islands, claimed by Taiwan, China and Japan.
A Taiwanese warship visited disputed fishing grounds on Tuesday, after Taiwanese fishermen complained of harassment by Japanese patrol boats.
Defence Minister Lee Jye and a group of MPs including speaker Wang Jin-pyng were aboard the frigate, which visited the area around the Diaoyu Islands...The dispatch of the Fengyang comes after 50 Taiwanese fishing boats staged a rare protest in the disputed area earlier this month.

They were protesting at being frequently driven out of the waters by Japanese patrol boats.

Some Taiwanese fishermen have reportedly called for protection from China, Taiwan's arch-rival.

One unnamed fisherman told a Taiwanese TV station he was please to see the frigate being sent out.
Reminiscent of The Cod War...Will we never learn?

Update; A Taiwanese fishing boat: {caption (ironic it is, too)}:
The Taiwanese fishing boat, Hasuda 1226 which was recently apprehended for illegally fishing in Papua New Guinea waters is on sale by tender on an “as is where is” basis. The National Fisheries Authority is seeking tenders from interested parties. The authority placed a public notice in The National newspaper yesterday, announcing the tender. The vessel was subjected to court proceedings and ordered forfeited to the NFA. The squid-tern trawler was caught in the Dog Leg area of Western province on Jan 6 by PNG patrol boat HMAS Tarangau. Nationalpic by EKAR KEAPU (source)

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