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Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Latest Piracy report from ICC Commercial Crime Services (to 14 June 05)

Latest piracy report from ICC-CCS here. Highlights: Alerts issued as follows:
Somalian waters
Serious attacks have resumed off the eastern coast of Somalia. Since 31.03.2005, five incidents were reported where pirates armed with guns and grenades have attacked ships and fired upon them. In three incidents crew were held hostage and ransom demanded. Some of these attacks took place far away from Somali coast. Eastern and northeastern coasts of Somalia continue to be high-risk areas for hijackings. Ships not making scheduled calls to ports in these areas should stay at least 50 miles or as far away as practical from the eastern coast of Somalia.

Anambas / Natuna islands, Indonesia
Six incidents have been reported since 03.04.2005 in the vicinity of Anambas / Natuna islands. Groups of pirates armed with guns and long knives have boarded ships underway and robbed ships' cash and personal belongings.

Bonny River, Nigeria
Four incidents have been reported since 24.05.2005 around fairway buoy.
Particular events:
10.06.2005 at 0820LT at position 03:55.1N – 07:08E, 20 miles SW of fairway buoy, Bonny River, Onne, Nigeria.
Five persons wearing yellow raincoats in a 20 ft blue coloured fibreglass craft followed a supply ship underway. Supply boat took evasive manoeuvres and craft moved away. Craft had similar appearance as craft involved in two incidents on 24.05.2005. (see below)

14.6.2005 at 0400 LT off Langkawi island, Malacca straits.
Ten pirates armed with weapons in a speedboat hijacked a tanker underway. One crew managed to escape in the boat used by pirates. He landed ashore and contacted marine police at Langkawi island. Police despatched a patrol boat and located the hijacked tanker off Pulau Lebar. Subsequently, pirates surrendered and they were taken to Langkawi for investigations. (see here)

07.06.2005 at 0120 LT in position 04:12.3N - 006:57.3E, Bonny River anchorage, Nigeria.
Five robbers armed with machine guns attempted to board a reefer using hooks attached to ropes. Alert A/B raised alarm and crew mustered. Robbers fired several shots and escaped. Bullets hit bulwark but no injuries to crew.

24.05.2005 at 2359 LT, Vicinity of Bonny River fairway buoy, Onne, Nigeria.
Robbers armed with guns boarded a container ship at anchor. They beat up crewmembers and fired gunshots. Robbers stole ship's cash and stores and crew personal belongings. They escaped in a blue coloured 20ft high speed motorboat.

24.05.2005 at 2110 LT in position 04:12.6N - 006:55.6E, off Bonny river fairway buoy, Onne, Nigeria.
Armed and aggressive robbers boarded a container ship at anchor. They injured several crewmembers and wounded one crewmember with gunshot. Robbers escaped in high powered speed boat with ship's cash, bonded stores and crew personal belongings.
Most of these events are simple robberies, although the level of violence involved seems to be higher than in recent months.

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