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Friday, June 18, 2010

Idiots at Sea: "Sea Shepherds" Continue to Act Dangerously -This Time in the Med

Endangering human lives while violating numerous laws, the Sea Shepherd idiots now attack fishermen off Libya, as set out here:
The Federation of Maltese Aquaculture Producers said it was shocked to hear about two Maltese seamen were injured in "a vicious and unprovoked attack by the Sea Shepherds".

"At around 15.00 today the Steve Irwin attacked an Italian tug boat (Cesare Rustico) towing cages belonging to fish & Fish Limited. The tug was sailing in company with the Maltese flagged Rosaria Tuna as a support vessel. The fish had been caught legally by a number of purse seiners operating according to ICCAT regulations, and subsequently purchased by the Maltese farming company. Contrary to what has been stated by the Sea Shepherds the vessel Tagreft was not present," the federation said.

"The Steve Irwin approached the convoy with the intention of freeing the fish in the cages despite it being clear that the fish was caught legally. Though it was also obvious that the crew of the vessels would have resisted such a move it was an unequal struggle. The Steve Irwin was initially constructed as an offshore patrol vessel for the United Kingdom with a displacement of nearly 900grt. It is equipped with a helicopter and instruments designed to overpower fishing boats. On the other hand the tug and the support vessel are small boats each having a displacement of around 150 grt."

The federation said it was not true that those on the Steve Irwin acted in self defence.

"On the contrary those on board assailed the two vessels specifically to tear the cage and ruin the catch. They used rubber bullets to subdue the crew. They threw bottles, acid, ammonia and other stuff at the crew. They didn’t care that their actions were exposing people to danger. They didn’t care that the fish were caught legally. They in fact think they are above the law and can do as they like. They are more than irresponsible. They are armed, dangerous and bent on causing harm to private property."

The federation said it expected the intervention of the Maltese authorities. "Nobody has the right to take the law in his hands. This is a fundamental precept of our way of life and it is certainly not going to be unlawful threats and activities by so-called environmental activists that is going to change it."
As usual, the SS has a different version, but since they lie so routinely, there is no point in quoting them here. Go to the link to see how they attempt justify their dangerous antics. Photos show SS vessel engaging in dangerous action against smaller fishing tug and a SS diver damaging a fishing net.

If those were my nets, I'd be shooting.

Yes, the photos are from the SS site. Nice of them to provide more proof of their reckless behavior.


  1. Anonymous2:16 PM

    Who's up for seeing the Steve Irwin impounded, and sold as a prize? (Sadly, there's no longer any money in it for the grey-hull that does the capture.)

    Track them down. Impound the vessel, and sail it to the nearest port. Try them as pirates. Universal jurisdiction means we could even bring them to a US court and try them at home--then release them to Malta to be tried again!

  2. Anonymous11:58 PM

    The previous anonymous poster brings up an excellent point, which also occurred to me as I read the post.

    Per the press reporting, this took place 40 miles off the coast, outside of Libya's territorial seas. This act certainly was one of violence and depredation. If the SS society's claims are to be believed (and in this case I certainly hope they are) those 800 tuna they released were worth a lot of money. And it was committed by individuals operating a private vessel for private ends. The UNCLOS doesn't say those private ends have to necessarily include profit. Just "private ends." It certainly looks to me like it fits the definition of an act of piracy.

    If they want to claim those fish were caught illegally and that they were acting in self-defense, let them do it their trial on the charge of piracy.


    1. Any American seen sympathizing with a foreign group of poachers committing criminal acts, and siding against Sea Shepherd whose staff contains U.S. Federal agents is not an American Patriot. Sea Shepherd has U.S. FEDERAL AGENTS on staff. Such an individual cheering a foreign faction, against SeaShepherd which includes United States citizens onboard, and advocating shooting American citizens, just incited harm against citizens of the United States of America, including U.S. military personnel onboard SeaShepherd vessels, and sympathised with a sect of foreign extremists against America.

    2. Any individual inciting violence including attempted murder against Americans aboard SeaShepherd crew, and caught sympathizing with poachers operating in Libyan waters (a national enemy of the US) and aboard illegal fishing vessels now identified NOT to be Maltese fishermen, but "hired" hands of a vessel belonging to an operation that includes muslim islamists, is considered ANTI-AMERICAN, such as the material that has now been logged being published by the Anti-American identifying themselves as "Eaglespeak".

    3. The Anti-American perpetrator "EagleSpeak" has on this blog has just advocated the potential attempted murder of American citizens. The following quote by user "EagleSpeak" has now been recorded and logged: QUOTE EagleSpeak: "If those were my nets, I'd be shooting." This statement includes the scenario whereby this individual has now stated that if he were a member of a sect of foreign criminal smugglers conducting activities in Libyan waters he would then point loaded weapons at American citizens, threaten American lives, and fire upon U.S. nationals, including gunning down US LAW ENFORCEMENT, U.S. military service personnel, and honored US veterans.

    Notice: The Sea Shepherd vessel contains U.S. nationals. Sea Shepherd staff onboard includes U.S. military personnel including honored U.S. Naval officers, U.S. military surface warfare experts, and distinguished Iraq War veterans onboard the SSCS ship. Thus, the individual observed at this site claiming to be a retired U.S. Naval surface warfare captain has now been caught publishing the intention to gun down fellow US military personnel, including firing upon US NAVY SURFACE WARFARE EXPERTS aboard Sea Shepherd vessels.

    This individual "EagleSpeak" has now touted acts of intentional and willful "friendly fire" against his own U.S. citizens and fellow U.S. military veterans. Not a U.S. patriot, but inciting acts of terror by foreigners against honored veterans of his own country.

    In addition, further co-conspirators congregating on this individuals site posting as Anonymous 1, have published falsified information regarding UNCLOS and cheering for the illegal commandeering of vessels containing U.S. citizens by a foreign entity and falsely tried on accusations of piracy, when in fact Sea Shepherd has actually engaged and successfully fought AGAINST actual Somali pirates, as US citizens.

    Sea Shepherd crew includes U.S. Federal Agents, Law Enforcement Officers, and Military War Veterans.

    Sea Shepherd Crew member D. Kehoe is a United States Police Officer.

    Paul Watson is an ex-COAST GUARD officer, MERCHANT MARINE and instructs FBI agents in ANTI-terrorism at the US FBI Academy in Quantico, Virginia. Paul Watson trains F-B-I recruits in co-operation with US Law Enforcement, and at FBI's request, at the U.S. FBI Training Academy in Quantico.

    Sea Shepherd crew member L. DeGroot is a member of the elite Dutch Police Force, and a member of the International ANTI-ORGANIZED CRIME UNIT of The Hague Police Force.

    Sea Shepherd staff includes U.S. Federal Agents.

    Sea Shepherd Crew member J. Taylor is a U.S. Navy officer, trained in US Surface Warfare, and is an honored Iraq War VETERAN, serving in Operation Desert Storm.


    In addition, SSCS is also in alignment with the United States AGAINST the Japanese Whaling Fleet.

    - The US State Department Forcibly Opposes Japanese Whaling

    "The US has forcefully expressed opposition to Japans scientific whaling program. The US supports the moratorium banning commercial whaling adopted by the IWC in effect since 1986 and opposes Japanese whaling"

    -Richard Boucher
    Undersecretary for Public Affairs

    [Any US citizen siding with a small sect of extremist Foreign whale killers, advocating the attempted murder of US citizens aboard SSCS vessels, are traitors Against their own nation. Those siding With SSCS on the other hand are in alignment with the United States of America.]

    U.S. Government Printing Office GPO Access [CITE: 50CFR230.3]

    "It is unlawful for a person subject to U.S. jurisdiction to: engage in whaling in violation of the US Convention, IWC regulations, commit this Act or breach a US Commerce regulation; to ship, transport, purchase, sell, offer for sale, import, export or possess a whale or whale meat products."



    US: "We call on Japan to refrain from conducting this year's hunt." demanded U.S. STATE Department Spokesperson SEAN McCORMACK, "especially with respect to humpback, and fin whales."

    The US has now demanded Japan halt their entire lethal whale hunt, stating Japan's acts were a ruse for avoiding non-lethal techniques, and that Japan's targeting of endangered species has especially angered America and top US Officials.

    Sean McCormack
    U.S. State Department Spokesperson

    The operator of this blog is now observed to have advocated gunning down U.S. citizens, and cheering the attempted murder of US Law Enforcement, and fellow military personnel including the potential murder of honored U.S. veterans. This information has been forwarded.

  5. "This information has been forwarded."

    Gee, I sure hope so.

    And not just to the land of nuts and trolls where your "Information Office" is located.

    By the way, if you believe the SS has "U.S. FEDERAL AGENTS" in it, you need to get your meds checked. It's a self-labeled group of pirates who are destroying the private property and endangering the lives of other people for the sake of a political agenda - which, by the way, is pretty much the definition of a terrorist group as defined by the U.S. Code Title 22, Ch.38, Para. 2656f(d): (1) the term “international terrorism” means terrorism involving citizens or the territory of more than 1 country;(2) the term “terrorism” means premeditated, politically motivated violence perpetrated against noncombatant targets by subnational groups or clandestine agents;
    (3) the term “terrorist group” means any group, or which has significant subgroups which practice, international terrorism ...

  6. Watching Whale Wars makes you wonder where 'Paul' is hiding all these Maritime professionals. OK, the engineeers seem to be able to keep the plant running but where the hell are the deckies????? Really, the simple task of launching a boat is a death-defying experience with Sea Shepherd. Then, once they do manage to launch the boat, they are certain to:
    a) Get lost
    b) Forget to turn their radio on

    And speaking of boats, just where is the ADY GIL now? And where is the ADY GIL's captain? (Nice of Paul to kick him out of SS)

    As for the US being against whaling, feel free to toss that policy out the window given that THE ONE has been busy trying to end the whaling ban.

  7. I guess I can do a follow-up as well.

    In today's news:

    ""TOKYO -- The leader of a U.S.-based anti-whaling organization is now on an international wanted list for allegedly masterminding the group's disruption of Japanese whale hunts in the Antarctic Ocean, Japan's coast guard said Friday.

    The move - done at Japan's request - signals Tokyo's escalating anger against the Sea Shepherd group, which it accuses of putting whalers' lives at risk during the annual Antarctic hunt.

    The Canadian founder of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, Paul Watson, 59, has been on the Interpol list since Wednesday, Coast Guard spokesman Shinichiro Tanaka said. He said Watson's whereabouts is unknown.""

    Maybe someone forgot to tell the Japanese that Paul is a secret agent...


    "SeaShepherd's Agent West served as the Special Agent-in-Charge of the Criminal Investigation Division Area Offices in Washington, DC, a US criminal investigator with impeccable credentials, who has worked in Intelligence, Criminal Investigations, US Conservation Legal proceedings, EPA actions, and also worked on the case for the United States during the BP criminal prosecution, in which BP was convicted and the US and West won the case."

    U.S. Special Agent West joins the staff of Sea Shepherd bringing 21 years of service as a U.S. Federal Agent, including 2 years with the U.S. Customs Service.

    Ref Source:

    Looks like "INFORMATION OFFICE" was correct. Afterall.

    Eagle1 incorrectly posted: "if you believe the SS has "U.S. FEDERAL AGENTS" in it, you need to get your meds checked." =This post by Eagle1 turns out to be false. Looks like he was wrong afterall, underinformed and not competent to speak on the subject.

    Turns out informationoffice was right, and this means that they were also right that means EagleSpeak posted threats of shooting americans. (and Eagle1 if that is now the same person) And the fact that US military people makes EagleSpeak potentially involved in a Federal Offence. Subject to federal prison.

    And EagleSpeak publishing threas on the lives of American citizens, nevermind the fact that they include Military vets and US Federal Agents, makes EagleSpeak's behavior qualify as provocation of Domestic Terrorism.

    This guy EagleSpeak is a potential Domestic Terrorist.

    Looks like other anti-americans are aggregating on this EagleSpeak's site too, this "Fred Fry" guy also just posted misleading information and badmouthed the US Commander in Chief.

    But in light of this guy EagleSpeak's shooting threat against Americans, I will also see about notifying someone about him. Probably will be contacting the military office of his branch of service and have them look into the rest of his activities and extremist postings on here and whatever other radical activities he's been up to. At the very least they'll put him on the watchlist. And if they find other material this potential Domestic Terrorist EagleSpeak online, they could investigate further, will request they terminate his military vet benefits if he has any. This guy EagleSpeak is a potential seditionist, and Domestic Terrorist. And you're right, definitely not a patriot.

  9. Dear "Factchecker" a/k/a "Information Office":

    Normally I don't respond to trolls. I'll make an exception here.

    You are wrong in every single aspect of your comments.

    I believe people have the right to defend themselves and their property against terrorist attacks like those carried out by Sea Shepherds. Frankly, it matters no a whit to me what those attacking did in their previous lives.

    You seem to have a little confusion separating what people have done in the past from what they currently are doing. Simply being a former officer or police officer does not make you a current officer. Being a veteran does not make joining a terrorist organization okay. Being a former Canadian Coast Guardsman doesn't make you an international coast guard.

    There are no active U.S. federal agents in Sea Shepherds, West being retired, as noted in the very article you cite. There are no active duty US military personnel working for Sea Shepherd.

    Report away.

    By the way, you might want to look up what "sedition" means before accusing people of it, though, because I don't think criticizing Sea Shepherds qualifies.

    Go lurk under some other bridge, troll.

  10. Comment moderation is "on."

  11. There is no such thing as truth with Paul Watson. The value of his statements lies not in its truth, but in its donation potential.

  12. Anonymous6:34 AM

    Being a former agent, is not a current agent. While active, you are discouraged from aligning yourself with any organization, especially ones that are considered to be violent. If you were ever in the US military or a US police officer in any city or county you would know this. Obviously IO and "Factchecker" are misinformed. Slight truths exaggerated does not keep it truth, it then turns into another SSCS lie.

  13. Anonymous9:20 PM

    It is foul whales are harvested and sold as meat in Japan. Where's the need, really? It's like eating bonobos (look it up) or elephants. Whales are complex animals that share the levels of emotion and strong bonds humans have. To kill these incredible beings that are part of families, have incredible intelligence and support a critical eco-system, for food is plain stupid.

    The Sea Shepard are a bunch of inexperienced morons, and yes, they do have distinguished military members on board, but they are lucky God's been keeping them safe out in the arctic. I appreciate their ideals, but they are physically ineffective and a danger to themselves and others. The show, however, has been great at raising awareness about Japanese whalers. If the Nishin Maru is doing research...why do they immediately package the whales into parcels for sale back home?

    Regarding the story above, shame people were injured.

  14. Anonymous9:05 AM

    It's only a matter of time before one of these sea shepard idiots get's themselves of someone else killed. I don't see how these people can even find their way back home. The ady gil, they talked like this little boat was just going to be the "be all end all" holy grail, whale saving machine. Was it as obvious to everyone else as it was to me, that this boat wasn't going to be able to do a damn thing? I mean what could this boat possibly do? These people are making complete jack asses of themselves and giving legitimate activists a bad name. Every time they come up with a plan, they say something like "they'll never know what hit them" and then, like clockwork, they fuck it up and they're sitting there with that stupid look on their faces. Just when I think I've seen them do the dumbest thing they could possibly do, they film another episode.

  15. Anonymous2:27 AM

    The last 2 anonymous posts are soooo right on. My friends and I watch Whale Wars for a huge laugh every week. What a bunch of hapless morons. "I'm going to board the Nishin Maru to arrest the captain for sinking my ship!" Sorry, can't type with a funny Aussie accent, but that Ady Gil's captain acts like such a badass & is such a clueless puss! I totally agree that the Japs should leave the whales alone, but geez, these imbeciles are definitely bound to kill somebody one of these days.

  16. Anonymous2:43 AM

    Eagle 1 fight on. I think fact checker/information office actually stands for "I'm a dirty douchebag with no life. Please kill me." Oh crap, that was a threat, I too am a domestic terrorist now. I guess I'll be reported next.

  17. Anonymous11:26 PM

    Dumbasses, maybe they will do the world a favor and sink never to be heard from again

  18. Anonymous11:56 PM

    I agree with the above poster who states that "they watch the show for huge laughs". Its amazing to see these bumbling morons try and stop the Japanese whaling machine. Not to mention that the amount of whales caught each year does NOTHING to impact the population, these whales they defend are actually thriving in other parts of the world. Why not defend the "dying species" of whale in the other parts of the world where they are hunted? When you really give it some good thought I can totally see why these people do what they do. Who wouldn't like going to sea and playing cop under the guises of a noble cause? If Japanese whaling were to stop what would these people do? It definitely has an element of fun to it and I understand why someone could get trapped up with it all. If they really wanted to stop Japanese whaling they would. I think some of them know they are going about it the wrong way, but the allure of power is too great. Who doesn't want to "command" a vessel of vigilantes vegans around the southern ocean?

  19. Anonymous11:16 AM

    Having served in the US Navy for 6 years as a machinists mate, I get a kick out of watching these so called "sailors" operate their ships. Anyone who has served in the US Navy on an operational ship knows that discipline is what it is to for several reasons, the utmost for safety of the crew. There appears to be a total lack of discipline, both by the engine room bunch and the deck clowns.

  20. Clete Price9:35 PM

    Thanks for your page and information on the IDIOTS that make up the "sea shephards". They are a bunch of hapless idiots. By the way, where is "Capt" Coward hiding these days. He is still making a pretty good living off of the donations, and the fees his "Sailors" have to pay for the priviledge of looking and acting like idiots on tv.
    Keep up the good work Eaglespek

  21. Anonymous10:20 PM

    This show is hilariously bad, but it is entertaining to watch the crew members grand plans continually FAIL.