Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Whither Turkey?

CDR Salamander invited Saturn 5, a Turkish naval blogger to post some thoughts on a A New Turkey? and on Saturn 5's home blog here:
As Turkey is changing, the old Turkey we used to know and understand is fading away. We (secular Turks, Islamic Turks and rest of the world including Sal) must find a way to deal with this change. We must also accept the realities of the new emerging Turkey.
As a youth, I lived for a couple of years in Ankara and will always remember the simple kindness shown to me by the people of Turkey. I certainly wish them the best as they attempt to meet the challenges of the world to come.

Choosing the right path will lead to a greater nation filled with hard-working honest people.

The trick, as Ataturk knew, is maintaining "an open heart full of pure feelings and friendship."

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