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Thursday, August 05, 2010

Arizona Sheriffs: "Don't Sue Us, Help Us 'Plug the Hole' in the Border"

Good points in Don't Sue Us, Help Us 'Plug the Hole' in the Border:
But instead of trying to seal the border, the federal government is going after its own people to prevent us from doing our job. Even more outrageous is the American Civil Liberties Union stepping into the fray and naming individual sheriffs in its suit.

Moratoriums on offshore drilling? Sure, says the administration. Moratoriums on illegal immigration? Not even considered.
Well, I guess it depends on what view you hold of where the real danger to our country comes from. It seems the current administration's view is: "Oil company= 'criminal' activity. Illegal alien= 'future voter'..."

The ACLU is simply beyond the pale.

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