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Monday, August 23, 2010

Iran: Republican Guard Commander Brags About Iran's "Fastest in World" Armed Speed Boats

60 knot missile armed speed boats? Yes, of course. Iran's got the fastest in the world, according to the chief yapper in charge of the Republican Guards here:
Commander of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) Navy Rear Admiral Ali Fadavi said that speed boats, specially the newly mass-produced missile-launching vessels, have granted high mobility and power to the IRGC Navy and made it a unique force in the world.

"As regards high-speed missile-launching vessels, no country in the world enjoys such a power (that Iran has)," Fadavi said, addressing a ceremony held to mark inauguration of the production lines of two types of new speed vessels.

"We emphasize that we have gained a unique power in this field of naval defense," Fadavi went on saying.

Admiral Fadavi further compared the high speed of the Iranian vessels and the IRGC Navy's high mobility with the US Navy, and said, "US warships currently have a maximum speed of 31 knots while the Iranian vessels can traverse twice as fast on average."
Just like the old U.S. PT boats, I bet they have really nice wakes. I also bet that the boats can't out run 20mm cannon projectiles.


  1. Anonymous11:17 AM

    These people are really too much.
    They are NOT going to learn from any of the lessons of history. Iran is simply too small of a country, to limited in brain power industrial power military power and economic resources to mount any sort of global challenge. They may get off some lucky hits some first strikes and they may gain temporary advantage but like the Fascists in Germany, Italy and Japan they will eventually be out produced and over-run by a global alliance. No number of islamic "forces" (regardless of what they think or their aspirations for "empire") will succeed in "taking over the world". The islamists obviously want their "place in the sun" but the most bitter irony is that their actions now go far to keeping them in the dark.....only after the fanatical fascist theocratic islamic regimes are destroyed will any of those countries emerge from the morass of fifth-century mindlessness and get a breath of freedom.

  2. NavyE91:52 PM

    OOHH, Look. More targets for Predators/Hellfires.

  3. Juramentado3:03 PM

    Not so fast folks. There have been significant SuW studies over the course of at least five years (the summaries are public domain) sponsored by the Office of the CNO that validate a boat swarm is not only workable but in the right tactical hands, extremely lethal.

    We in the West tend to downplay Iran’s capabilities but remember that the Iran-Iraq war showed that they are nothing if persistent and are willing to go the distance no matter the personal cost in lives. Even the showdown during Op Praying Mantis couldn’t keep their Navy from harassing the US in subsequent years. Couple that persistence with a real capability like the Bladehammer 51 boat and you might just have a fight on your hands if you happen to be a independent command or even a small TF transiting the Strait. We can all laugh and giggle at their deployments and announcements but recall that TF Hip Pocket was stood up because a small boat earned a little bit of infamy one October day in Aden along with the Cole…

    Disclaimer: if there’s a big deck nearby, then disregard below since Strike trumps small boats almost any day.

    Even with the latest LOGIR that comes out of the LCITS program, it’s basically going to be a fast-draw between the helo driver (heaven help the sole Romeo or Sierra that’s detached to a small combatant) and MANPADs teams on the small boats. There’s only one helo and depending upon the swarm’s tactics, he could be in range of multiple MANPADs before he can achieve a shooting solution using his own organic fires. Not what I would term a permissive environment.

  4. J:

    Fair comment.

    Swarm attacks might work as a surprise tactic - but since the IRGC seems intent on announcing its plans, there isn't much way such an attack should come as a surprise.

    Forewarned is forearmed.

  5. Anonymous12:14 AM

    I don't expect any of you who have posted to ever see my comments, but you're all too simple minded. Iran is not interested in projecting global power. They're only after defending their nation against aggressors who are bent on stealing their resources, and establish complete domination over the Middle East. Not going to happen! The US already has pretty much given up on it's intention to strike Iran, and it has nothing to do with trying to be a "nice guy". Take a hint.