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Monday, August 23, 2010

Iran: Re-invention of the V-1 "Buzz Bomb"

In an announcement suitably mocked in Danger Room's "Iran’s Robotic ‘Ambassador of Death’ is More Envoy of Annoyance (Updated)", Iranian scientists appeared to have labored long and hard to reinvent the German V-1 "Buzz Bomb" with just enough frills to make it somewhat modern. "Look, it carries bombs! It's an unmanned bomber!"

Noah Shachtman suggests it might be able to carry 4 C-701 anti-ship missiles. Which means blowing one of these out of the sky kills 5 birds with one stone.The C-701 is a lighter missile akin to the U.S. Maverick missile.

According to Wikipedia, the C-701 is designed to take out smaller naval units of 180 tons or less. For reference, a modern Burke-class U.S. Navy destroyer displaces about 8000 tons.

Top photo: Via Aviation Week's Blog, Ares. The post is worth reading.

V-1 photo from The Museum of Flight.

UPDATE:  Video:

Iranian Karrar Drone

No wheels or skids. Designed for one way trips.


  1. Looks like a cross between the V-1 and a Ryan Firebee

  2. Someone suggested that its a modified MQM-107 Streaker target drone we sold Iran back in the 70's when we were buddies with the Shah.

  3. Possibly. Though any good r/c model maker ought to be able to whip up something like this thing in fewer than half a million man hours.

    Info on the "Streaker" here.

    Firebee, here.

  4. Anonymous10:53 PM

    Herp Derp, Herp Derp. If something is jet powered and Iranian it must be like a V-1, and not a Tomahawk cruise missile. Oh by the way, since the Streaker LOOKS NOTHING LIKE IT, it is not based on it (funny how that works out). Let's see what the ACTUAL Specifications are
    RANGE: 1000 Kilometers Bomb Load, 2 250 pound bombs 1 500 pound bomb, or anti ship missiles. Let's see genius why would you mount cruise missiles on a UCAV unless you could fire them? Oh that's right you wouldn't. Oh what do you think is going to happen when it gets in range of a target genius, that's right, it is going to fire those cruise missiles or drop those bombs on the appropriate target as directed by the remote controller and since their are going to be 100s of them rather than just a few the target will not be able to do anything about it. It will than fly back to its base and be reloaded. Yeah, because a resuable cruise missile that can carry different types of weapons is SO DUMB, I mean why would any one POSSIBLY want to use such a thing? Other than if they wish to blow some ships out of the water that are attacking Iran, or if they want to attack enemy airfields, or...Yeah if you are an enemy of Iran I can see why you would not want them to use this.