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Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Predators Take the Fight to the Terrorists

So, after a Predator UAV strike, the world is a little safer (for a short time). From BBC News - "Taliban 'remove German militants' bodies' after attack":
The Taliban have removed the bodies of eight militants killed in a US drone attack in Pakistan, the BBC has been told.

Pakistani security officials say that four of the dead were German nationals.

They were killed by two missiles fired at a house in North Waziristan. A number of people were said to have been wounded.

Security sources have closely linked the area to a reported al-Qaeda plot to attack European cities.

The attack destroyed the home of a tribal leader with close links to a local Taliban commander in a village 3km (2 miles) from the main town of Mir Ali.

Identification of the victims is being made more difficult because Taliban militants sealed off the area after the missile strike, taking away the remains for burial.
See also this Wall Street Journal opinion piece Preventing the Next Mumbai .

Photo is from an earlier operation in another place, but the song's message should be clear to the currently alive would be terrorists.

1 comment:

  1. Ok the Predator got the trainee jihadist outside the house of the primary target, BUT why is the US using heavy ordance on these kind of HVTs?

    Compared the house destroyed photos with that of the FBI simulation of the Times Sqaure (attempted)bomber. Which would have caused more damage? Don't give me that crap about avoiding innocent civilians~

    Why are we not nailing the bad guys with heavy ordnance? Yes we need to be more ruthless IMHO.