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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Somali Pirates: Update 10-14-10

According to the NATO Shipping Centre (NSC):
On Oct 13th MV Ardmore Seafarer came under attack, position 08°18N 068°05E, fortunately the ship was not pirated, it is assessed that the pirate action group could be linked to the pirates onboard FV Tai Yuan 227.

Suspected pirate mother ship, the captured FV Tai Yuan 227
Oct 12th MV Viona was pursued by a skiff but evaded the attack in position 04°38N 054°16E. It is assessed that a Pirate Attack Group may be active around that position.

Oct 12th MV Mary Gorgias reported suspicious activity by skiffs and a possible mother ship in position 11°16N 061°36E.

Pirate attack groups maybe active in an area of more than 150 NM from the positions above, mariners are advised to transit the area with caution and avoid if possible.
Reported positions of Somali pirate "action groups" as of 13 Oct 10
October 13 2010 WARNING Somali Basin
Latitude: 0818N Longitude: 06805E
Alert number 426/ 2010.
At 0616 UTC a Pirate Action Group was reported in position 0818N 06805 E.
Which, you may have gathered, the last information seems to have been provided by MV Ardmore Seafarer.

The ship operator of the Ardmore Seafarer provide more info on the attack here:
Bernhard Schulte Shipmanagement (Cyprus) Ltd., technical managers of the Product Tanker Ardmore Seafarer report that the vessel sustained a piracy attack yesterday, some 600 miles south west of India.

Bernhard Schulte is pleased to report the tanker is now back under control of the crew, all of whom are safe and accounted for.

The 45744 DWT tanker was on passage from Dar Es Salaam when a small craft came alongside and the crew took refuge in a citadel area on board where they remained for approximately 14 hours.

While there were reports of small arms fire during the attack, no casualties have been sustained and the crew emerged from the citadel once it had been confirmed that the pirates had abandoned the vessel.

The Ardmore Seafarer is now sailing under her own power and under full control of her crew.

The Ardmore Seafarer is a double hull, 2004 build, Product Tanker.

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