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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Gaming Anti-Submarine Warfare

There's a theory that the more brains that look at a problem, the more likely that improvements in attacking the problem will follow.
Our friends at the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) have come up with a variation on that theory - a hands on variation.

Anti-submarine warfare is going to undergo some sort of evolution are introduced into the fleet. But there is a problem - how to best use these new tools to fight submarines?

DARPA is trying to tap into the collective brain power of a lot of very smart gamers by - well, by gaming the problem of using  ACTUVs (Anti-Submarine Warfare Continuous Trail Unmanned Vessels)

If you go here (DARPA ACTUV) you will find a free game download the playing of which game may allow you to help DARPA:
The DARPA ACTUV program is developing a fundamentally new tool for the Navy’s ASW toolkit. Before we can develop the autonomous software that will run on ACTUV’s computers, we need to understand what approaches and methods are the most effective. We have made arrangements for ACTUV to be integrated into the Sonalysts Combat Simulations Dangerous WatersTM game, and we’re offering this new ACTUV Tactics Simulator here for free public download and this is where you can play an import role!

You are invited to put yourself into the virtual driver’s seat of one of several ACTUV configurations and show the world how you can use its capabilities to follow a submarine. Of course you won’t be the only ship at sea so you’ll have to safely navigate among the commercial traffic, and the target sub has some tricks up his sleeve so watch out! Rack up points as you complete the mission objectives, and see how you stack up against the competition on our leaderboard page. You can also share your experiences and insights from playing the simulator with others at SUBSIM ACTUV forum.
It's based on the Sonalysts "Dangerous Waters" platform.

So, for you war gaming crew out there, here's your chance to apply that brain tissue to something different. And help out your Navy, too.

Oh, by the way. ASW ain't for sissies. Hurry, the games have begun and you are already behind.

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  1. Anonymous9:44 AM

    Already had it downloaded.. thought of you when I did.. you beat me to a mention of it..

    only played one round so far...

    took me a minute to figure out the interface.. didn't come with any obvious instruction manual.. (need to check the downloaded files) but it's not rocket science..
    It's basically a point and click interface.. the hardest part was figuring out to hit F1 to get to the .. ship controls.. from there it's a point and click operation from the 'bridge'.. click on single ping sonar or continuous sonar, etc... click on the navigational compass to change direction (or use [ and ] for rudder controls - ' to center the rudder )

    Ran my first 'test' as a seahorse.. supposedly an underequipped platform.. but it did fine.. we were off the coast of Fla/Ga/SC - may delve deeper into it later ...