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Good Company
Good Company

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


I wish I had known about this quote when we were interviewing Bing West last Sunday - from a report by Bill Ardolino at Long War Journal with this quote from Bing West Aggressive Marine tactics thin enemy ranks, alter Taliban tactics - Threat Matrix:
Since September, the Third Platoon has shot somewhere between 125 and 208 Taliban--as many as one enemy killed per patrol. That rate may not seem high, but the cumulative effect has been crushing. Marine tactics, like Ohio State football, have the subtle inevitability of a steamroller. "We got a radio intercept yesterday," Lt. Garcia said. "Some Talib leaders in Pakistan were chewing out the local fighters for quitting. The locals yelled back, 'Marines run toward our bullets.'"
Yep, it's in their DNA.

Read the whole thing. In fact, add The Long War Journal to your daily reads if it isn't there already.

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  1. Best news to come out of Afg for a while. Well done. We found out our TB nickname was "White Dragons".