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Friday, April 15, 2011

Somali Pirate Negotiator Nabbed in Somalia by U.S. forces, Interesting Legal Issues to Follow

Four dead Americans on an American yacht, and now the negotiator for the pirates involved in that messy ended has been arrest in Somalia and is facing U.S. charges, as set out here:
Mohammad Saaili Shibin is the first alleged pirate to have been arrested on-shore in Somalia. He was brought to the United States in early April, but was indicted by a federal grand jury earlier for his alleged role in the killings.

The Wall Street Journal reported that US forces, with the help of Somali army, had apprehended the alleged pirate on land. It was the first time that the US had carried out a similar operation on-shore.

Neil MacBride, US Attorney said "The arrest of Mohammad Shibin is a significant breakthrough in the United States' battle against Somali pirates."

"Today marks the first time that the US government has captured and charged an alleged pirate in a leadership role - a hostage negotiator who operated in Somalia.

"We hope that this indictment will strike at the heart of the piracy business and send a strong message to all pirates that they are not beyond the reach of the FBI, whether they board the ships or remain on-shore in Somalia," he said.

Shibin has been charged in US federal court in Norfolk, Virginia, over the alleged pirating of an American yacht, and the taking of four US citizens hostage.
I guess we must have some sort of treaty deal with some government we recognize in Somalia that allowed this.

More later as I sort through it.


  1. Encouraging and mysterious at the same time.

    Nice to see our FBI engaging overseas.

    Humorous to imagine what Eric Holder intends to do with Mohammad Saaili Shibin (nothing before the next election day). Hello, Guantanamo!

  2. Anonymous5:11 AM

    US Piracy law is fairly clear.
    By conspiracy, it would seem the negotiator is eaqually guilty of piracy as the people who attacked the boat.
    By Piracy law, anyone brought to the United States whose activity qualifies as Piracy receives life imprisonment.
    Seems pretty slam dunk to me.