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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Mystery Iranian Ship Off India Draws Protest

Reported as Concerns grow over armed Iranian ship: (emphasis added)
Arrow points to Lakshadweep Islands
A mysterious Iranian ship, anchored for close to 30 days near Lakshadweep, has become a major cause of concerns for the government and coastal security agencies.

The ship has been anchored there for over a month and so far Iran has given no explanation to Indian authorities in this regard. The Iranian Ambassador to India was summoned last week and explicitly told that the vessel MV Assa needs to be shifted from its current location as the country faces grave terrorist threats from the sea.

Another area of concern for the coastal security agencies is the unclear status of several boats, which regularly visit MV Assa, drop cargo and return. Iran has been maintain a stoic silence on the issue and it later claimed that the vessel was headed to Singapore.

Contrary to it, the crew claimed they were going to Colombo, then China. However, the ship has not moved an inch since then.

India cannot press for answers as rules of the sea allow complete freedom of navigation within a country’s EEZ.
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  1. Why can't they seize the ship as part of sanctions against Iran?

  2. Limitations on powers of states in their EEZ and simply owning a ship is not part of the sanctions.

  3. OK, then they should follow the Israeli model lol: just sink it and deny all knowledge.

  4. I think they could make a case for "constructive presence" if, as reported there has been contact with boats from the shore. That might allow Indian authorities to compel the ship to submit to inspection.

    Good time to maintain surveillance with high altitude air assets.