Monday, November 28, 2011

"They Hate Your Job"

Fred Fry nails it with his post You're Not Going to Get Job Stimulus From Democrats - They Hate Your Job:
One of the hated jobs
Other than union jobs for private employers, all of the kinds of jobs that the Democrats like require the rest of us to pay taxes to that they have the money to pay the salaries for these workers. This is the heart of the problem. Government needs more private workers so that more tax revenue is collected to pay the salaries of Government employees. So it should be an easy task to pass a bill that will result in stimulating the creation of jobs. One problem, Democrats hate most kinds of private jobs.
Oh, you know those oil pipeline, offshore oil and gas shale jobs we could have? Those jobs are really hated by the crowd that is trying to "create" a market for more expensive "alternative" fuels - having failed to learn from the ongoing ethanol fiasco (in which, to be fair, the Republicans have played a large part).

Read Fred's post.

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