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Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Battleship Row

Battleship reactivation proposals such as the one that prompted this and, apparently, this, also stirred some other Navy-oriented bloggers to take on the idea.

Yankee Sailor hit it here and here ("While attractive, romantic and appealing at first blush, returning the battleships to the active list is "no go" from the beginning").

Chapomatic's take appears here ("...what you really would like is a seagoing truck full of precise howitzer rounds when the technology catches up, like ERGM or railguns or whatever...").

Scott D. weighs in here and here. He raises the issue of current status of the DD(X). One piece he cites to places the DD(X) costs as sky high: "The first two DD(X)'s are now supposed to total $6.3 billion, according to confidential budget documents, up $1.5 billion." That's a great amount of money.

Lots of good comments, too, at all locations.

And just for the fun of it, here's a photo of the USS Hull (DD-945) when she was configured as the test platform for an 8" lightweight gun system (Mk 71) back in 1975 (responding to a comment by Blake Kirk regarding the MCLWG).

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