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Thursday, June 02, 2005

Latest ONI World Wide Threat to Shipping (1 June 05) Posted

Go to ONI World Wide Threat to Shipping and click on the date. Highlights:
MALAYSIA: Malaysia's new coastguard and search and rescue
body is expected to be set up in November of this year. The country's
Maritime Law Enforcement Organisation will initially draw about
4,000 personnel and at least five patrol vessels from navy, customs
and fisheries authorities and the air force. The new maritime
enforcement unit will take over security patrols in the Malacca
Straits. Malaysia is also in talks with Indonesia and Singapore to
address the issue of 'hot pursuit' of pirates into each other's
territorial waters, thereby enhancing the chances of catching them.
At present, the three countries' security patrols are prohibited
from crossing national boundaries. It is not known when this change
of policy might be achieved (FP)....

An unidentified tug reported a suspicious
approach 28 May at 1835 local time while underway in position
12:29N, 044:57E. A speedboat approached the tug, which was towing
two barges. When the speedboat came within 5 meters, crew fired
rocket flares and it sped away (IMB).

Earlier post on "hot pursuit" issue here.

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