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Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Latest Piracy Report from ICC Commercial Crime Services (6 June 05)

Highlights from the ICC Commercial Crime ServicesPiracy Report ending 6 June:
Somalian waters
After a quiet spell, serious attacks have resumed off Somalia. Since 31.03.2005, five incidents were reported where pirates armed with guns and grenades have attacked ships and fired upon them. These attacks took place far away from Somali coast. Eastern and north eastern coasts of Somalia continue to be high-risk areas for hijackings. Ships not making scheduled calls to ports in these areas should stay away from the coast...

Recently reported incidents

06.06.2005 at 1535 UTC in position 02:23N - 046:07E, off Mogadishu, Somalia.
Three pirates armed with automatic guns in a white speedboat opened fire on a bulk carrier underway. USS Gonzalez , a US naval ship in the area responded to a distress call from the master and came close to assist. USS Gonzalez fired parachute flares and directed searchlights to illuminate the area and escorted the bulk carrier to a safer location away from Somali coast. No injuries to crew but gunfire by pirates caused 10 bullet holes on starboard side near bridge.

01.06.2005 at 2000 LT in position 04:15N - 100:18E, off Pangkor island, Malacca straits.
Eight pirates armed with automatic guns and long knives fired warning shots at a tanker underway. They boarded and kidnapped master and boatswain and left in a fishing boat with ship's documents. 2/O navigated the tanker safely to a port. Pirates have demanded ransom for releasing the crew. Further news is awaited. (see my post on this here)

31.05.05 at 0230 LT, deep water anchorage “A”, 10nm south of Basra oil terminal, Iraq.
Pirates armed with ak47 rifles boarded a tanker awaiting berthing. They tried to enter bridge claiming to be policemen. Master denied them entry and pirates became violent and broke glass panels on bridge wing door and entered bridge. They assaulted the master causing him injuries and demanded money. They entered master’s cabin and located the safe and stole cash and personal belongings. They dragged the master and tried to take him to main deck and left at 0240. Master sent a mayday message and activated SSAS and moved to deep water anchorage “B”. Later a coalition warship arrived to investigate.
(see my post on this here)
22.05.2005 at 1500 LT, at posn 03:42N 48:16E, Eastern coast, Somalia.
Pirates boarded and hijacked a general cargo ship underway. They beat up the 21 crewmembers and locked them in a room. Pirates have demanded ransom for releasing the ship and the crew. Further news is awaited. (see my post on this here)

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