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Thursday, June 09, 2005

ONI World Wide Threat to Shipping for 8 June

Go to ONI World Wide Threat to Shippingand click on the date. Highlights:
On 08 Jun, Malaysian media
reports the northern and southern sections of the Strait of Malacca
have been identified as areas most often used for pirate attacks
that threaten merchant vessels transiting through the world's
busiest strait. A Royal Malaysian Navy Chief Admiral explained
pirates usually operate using small boats and often do not travel
far from their hideouts since their vessels lack the sophistication
to stay at sea for long periods of time. The Admiral stated efforts
to comprehensively eliminate piracy can be realized with good
intelligence and sound cooperation between Malaysia, Singapore,
and Indonesia, such as taking decisive strict action against their
nationals suspected of piracy. On 05 Jun, another Malaysian media
report quotes Malaysian Deputy Prime Minister suggesting the
possibility of countries working together to detain pirates at the
source rather than on the high seas. During his speech on Enhanced
Maritime Security Cooperation at the fourth International Institute
for Strategic Studies Asia Security Conference, the Prime Minister
explained knowing where the pirates are, where they are based, and
moving against them, is the most effective and economical way for
national governments to combat their nationals who commit
transnational crimes. The Prime Minister also stated that Malaysia
has not found any credible link between terrorists who commit acts
of aggression for a political motive and modern-day pirates, whose
primary aim is to derive criminal benefits and are no different from
their land-based cousins who extort ransoms from travelers and
hijack lorries with valuable cargo (LM).
(see my posts below on same topics).

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