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Friday, July 29, 2005

Leader of India's Navy Sees Bright Future

Painting a rosy scenario for India's future here, Admiral Arun Prakash talks about India becoming a major power and gives credit to democracy:
While he may be a military man at heart and advocate for a strong Indian armed forces for the future, Arun ultimately believes that it is the peaceful instruments of democracy that make India, and eventually a country like Indonesia, great.

"But perhaps our inherent strength is our democracy. Our secular setup, our open system, our economic strengths. These will probably show up in 25 to 30 years."

Oh,yes, one other note of interest:
One area in which he had no qualms in being compelling about was the danger of maritime terrorism.

"As things get hotter for the terrorists on land, I think its quite logical that they will move seawards. So there is potential for tremendous trouble at sea. It is likely to happen unless we work together on preemptive actions."

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